Here are some of the benefits I bring to your project as a consultant:

1. Helping you get out of a rut that might be holding back the success of your marketing material.

2. Spotting things you miss or think should be obvious to the reader.

3. Showing you techniques to boost response and sales you might not know about.

4. Bouncing ideas off someone who isn’t afraid to tell you something isn’t right or could be improved.

When I’m hired for consulting I don’t feed you little teaser crumbs of information to trick you into hiring me to do the actual work. I tell you exactly how I think your piece can be improved. That’s why clients are happy to work with me over and over again:

“We do a good bit of direct response, but find most advisors are all about ‘pretty’ and not ‘results’.  Mike, your input was dead-on. We happily adjusted our copy and graphics according to your advice, ending up with a piece that looked and performed fantastically. Plus, you were fun to work with. Looking forward to our next project!”
Adams Hudson – President, Hudson Ink

“As always, you were a wealth of information. Looking forward to your ongoing contributions!”
Steve Blount – President & COO, Kingstone Media Group

If you’re in a position where you have to do your own marketing material, bringing in someone with design, copy, and marketing experience like myself can be an inexpensive way to avoid costly mistakes. If you have an in-house designer who is doing great design work, it may simply be a matter of making some small, yet significant, changes to improve response.
But it’s not just about consulting on your marketing material…
As someone who speaks, teaches, and writes about content marketing, I’m here to help you get started in that arena.

In some cases, it’s a matter of helping you get started and considering topics that speak to your prospects and customers. In other cases I help develop a plan on where best to repurpose and spread that content so it’s working harder for you.

While I offer some free content marketing resources you can use on your own, sometimes that fastest path to getting started is a one-on-one approach that deals with your specific needs.

I offer a free consultation by phone to determine whether we’re a good fit. If we do move forward together, I charge by the project, not by the hour. That means no surprises when it comes to cost.

Call me at 360-371-2746 to schedule a convenient time to talk about your needs.