You’re probably in a hurry…

Most voice over projects are on tight deadlines. So let’s get to what you’re likely most interested in… a demo:

      Mike Klassen - eLearning_Corporate_Narration

(Right-click here and save the file if you’d like to download the MP3.)

You can find more samples of my work on my YouTube page.

Even with a demo and samples, one of the best ways to know if a voice is going to work for your project is to hear that voice reading some of your copy. For that reason, I invite you to get in touch so we can talk about a project-specific audition.

Just a bit about my background… there’s a communication and teaching thread that runs through my working career. I spent many years in a radio station newsroom, worked as a technical writer/editor at Microsoft, wrote and designed marketing copy, hosted podcasts, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified, and taught business-related topics on stage and in the classroom.

What I enjoy most is helping people to advance either personally or professionally. That’s why my focus is eLearning, Training, Explainer, Narration and Corporate voice over projects.

What Goes Into A Voice Over ProjectIf you’re new to hiring voice over talent, I hope you’ll download my free guide: So, What Goes Into A Voice Over Project? I’ll quickly walk you through some of the things a voice over talent does to turn your words into a great finished product, and your vital role in that process.

I believe strongly in a good fit, not just with the project, but with personalities. It’s crucial, especially when working on large projects.

If that’s also important to you, please contact me today. There’s no pressure or heavy-handed sales techniques. That’s not needed because after our conversation we’ll both have a pretty good idea whether or not we’re a good fit for each other. Thank you!